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Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have any questions on our web site or products, please take a few minutes to review the below questions and answers. If your question is still not answered, please contact us at yellow88@gmail.com.


Everything has a certain amount of heat except at absolute zero ( -460 degrees.F ). An ice cube May feel cool to the touch, but actually it just has less heat than your hand. That means heat is transferring from your hand to the ice cube. This is the principle behind how an A/C cools the air in a car. Heated air is forced across a cold evaporator and is transferred to the refrigerant gas, making the air less hot. The refrigerant carries the heat away from the evaporator to the compressor. The refrigerant is super heated by compression and is forced through the condenser where cooler outside air takes the heat from the refrigerant. Its next stop is the expansion device (TXV or CCOT) which meters refrigerant into the evaporator and we start over again. SIMPLE ISN'T IT

2. Are Your Air Conditioning Parts Brand New?

Yes! We only offer brand new a/c parts to our customers. All are of great quality and surprising low price.

3. What products do you have?

We are selling:

Compressors (Compressors, Clutches, Compressor Parts),

Receiver Driers (Accumulators, Alumnium Driers, Steel Driers),

Condensers (Serpentine Condensers, Parallel Flow Condensers),

Evaporators (Layered Evaporators, Parallel Flow Evaporators),

Expansion Valves (Expansion Valves, Expansion Valves "H", Orifice Tubes),

Electrical&Controls (Electric Fans, Blower Motors, Thermostats, Pressure Swithes, Power Relays, Blower Switches, A/C Switches, Vacuum Solenoid Valves),

Host&Fittings (Bulk Hose, Hose Assembly, Hose Fittings),

Tools(Service Tools),

Refrigerant (Refrigerant Gas, Oil),

Other Parts (Idler Pulleys, Vacuum Actuators, Ferrules, Lip Seal).

4. How come I only see a portion of parts you claim you have on your web site?

We are gradually uploading all photos and descriptions onto our website. However, if you are interested in any products that not on our web site yet, please feel free to ontact us directly by email to yellow88@gmail.com.

5. Do you accept wholesale or retail or both?

We accept both wholesalers and retailers. However, if you are buying in small quantity, please understand that we cannot offer you a price as good as to a wholesaler.

6. How can you offer great quality products at low price?

We are among the most reputable and earliest auto a/c parts factories in China. During the development of our factory, our products have been improved by joint efforts of engineers academic scholars. But the price remains same competitive.

7. How do I make an order?

Please send an email to Yellow88@gmail.com, your email will be answered within 24 hours.

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